Fosroc Tools

A range of tools and calculators available from Fosroc to help during your design and installation work. 


Fosroc tools and calculators are a useful tool for consumption estimation, it remains the engineer's responsibility to judge the required amounts of needed products for a given area of application.

Sealant consumption

In order to make the ordering process easier, we have provided a calculator to aid in estimating the amount of sealant required.

Concrete Calculator

Estimate the volume of concrete necessary to cover a given area. Simply add the measurement for your concrete order to the relevant shapes.

Lokfix Consumption

Quickly calculate the quantities you will need for your fixing.

Grout Calculator

Calculate the tile grout required to cover a given area.

Dew Point Calculator

This tool shows the substrate temperature required for safe product application at specific temperature and relative humidities.

Concerte Finishing

Find a range of Fosroc solutions for simple repairs and making good on new concrete.

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