Alaa Zagzoog

Marketing Manager FOSAM Company Limited (Saudi Fosroc)

What does your role involve?

Developing and maintaining marketing strategies to increase market share, maintain the competitive edge and contribute in delivering the company’s planned objectives. Through effective leadership of the Marketing Team, planned strategies are implemented to support in developing business segments that include Product Development, Technical Specification and Customer Relationship Management.  The role also involves a high level of collaboration with the Management Team and cross-functional teams to ensure strategies are duly analysed for effective and prompt commissioning.

The overall outcomes are measured through key indicators that include improvements to sales revenues, developments of new differential products, obtain Fosroc product specifications approvals from projects’ designers/consultants and levels of customer satisfaction.

Your story -career summary to date

Graduated with B.Sc in Chemical Engineering in May 2001, shortly in the same year I was joining the Fosroc family as a Specification Engineer based in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia where I’ve been responsible to work closely with key consultants and customers to drive the planned business strategies. Two years later, I was promoted to Regional Specification Manager where the area of responsibilities was expanded to a regional level and with more challenging objectives that include developing and managing Fosroc product specifications.

In January 2007, beside the current duties, I’ve been giving the opportunity to manage a key business area that is Fosroc Corrosion Solutions where I’ve exercised great focus in developing the business and creating a sustainable growth. Upon successful commissioning of the said assignments, I was assigned as a Business Development Manager in January 2010 where my main objectives were to develop key Business Segments beyond its current context and to pave the way for new product developments.

In February 2013, I was promoted to Marketing Manager – Saudi Fosroc.

Why Fosroc? And what do you enjoy most about Fosroc?

  • Fosroc have given me the opportunity to excel my capabilities in different business areas while providing the appropriate guidance and continuous support
  • Fosroc provided a constructive working environment where employees are very driven and hard-working individuals, who motivate each other in working towards the goals and advancement of the company as a whole
  • Fosroc has been always at the forefront in providing tailored constructive solutions to countless major projects around the world; hence the opportunity to share best practises globally
  • Fosroc proved to be a progressive company with clearly defined strategic objectives ensuring a sustainable business model

What does Fosroc offer future employees? (In addition to the points mentioned above)

  • Fosroc offers individuals a well-defined road map of their careers within the organization which serves as a motivation factor for them to perform even better
  • The opportunity to greatly improve core competencies throughout specially designed training and development programs

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