Arnab Acharyya

What your role is

Group Sourcing Manager, Global Supply Chain

What your role involves

  • Ensure most appropriate and competitive supply of sourced products, third party factored and intercompany, is available and deployed across Fosroc
  • Conduct sourcing studies to determine the optimum supply chain configuration for product sourcing considering logistics, material supply and capacity factors in support of strategic objective
  • Lead and guide Factored Goods approval process for all major projects and categorise projects by priority and risks ensuring gatekeepers and stakeholders fulfil their responsibilities and commitments
  • Conduct Make versus Buy analysis as appropriate to determine which products can be cost-effectively sourced from external suppliers

Your story - career summary to date

I started my career in Fosroc in the Technology function in Bangalore. Spent initial four years as Development Manager involving product development activities, visiting Fosroc opcos for new product introduction. Following this, moved laterally into New Product Process management as IPS Manager (IPS – Innovation Project System) under Technology function and spent around four years managing and leading this for the group. In line with my career aspiration to move into a commercial role, Fosroc provided me the opportunity to elevate myself as Group Sourcing Manager under Global Supply Chain function in October 2012. In summary, my background was technical and then moved into business process management and finally promoted into a commercial role within a span of nine years.

Why Fosroc? And what you enjoy most about Fosroc?

  • Fosroc provides the appropriate visibility and adequate exposure to work in a challenging environment to bring out the best of an individual
  • Offers transparency that gives me a lot of flexibility to work with a clear direction to deliver what is required
  • Proper guidance and continuous support and motivation from line manager. No hierarchy culture – preferring “We” than “I”.  
  • Fosroc has always provided me the right direction and opportunity to steer my career as and when I wanted
  • An employee friendly organisation who listens to what employees say

What does Fosroc offer future employees? (In addition to the points mentioned above)

  • Recognizes the unique value that an individual brings to the organisation by providing specific career paths and development measures
  • A space and a team that allows you to learn, explore and contribute
  • An organisation which stands to provide you not only functional expertise, but also an insight into cross functional collaboration



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