At Fosroc we identify and develop talent.

We aim to support our people in the best way we can throughout their career with us. We offer a diverse development approach to learning and development including a blended learning solution which incorporates online self-learning, on the job training, group learning and one to one coaching.  We support our people to enable them to develop their full potential in their existing and future roles at local, regional and global level. 


We recognise that each of our employees has their own unique skills and experience. This makes our company rich in diversity and creativity and helps us stay competitive, innovative and driven. We engage and retain our employees by fostering a positive working environment. We invest in employee training and development and ensure employees are appraised annually so that we understand employee aspirations and development needs.

Technical Academy

The Fosroc Technical Academy is a virtual resource to enable sustained and consistent development of our technical knowledge and competencies across the group.

It develops Fosroc’s technical capabilities through investment in individuals’ development, progression and maintaining the Fosroc Technical community level of competency, and ultimately high performance.

The emphasis of the Technical Academy is on Self-Learning.   The focus is on Fosroc’s Core Technologies: Concrete Admixtures, Cement & Cement Grinding Aids and Polymers, although additional topics required to achieve full competency for technical staff, which fall outside of the Core Technologies, are included.

The Core Curriculum defines the essential Technical knowledge that is required within Fosroc. It is based on Fosroc’s key technical capabilities and is categorised by Core Technology.

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