R&D Specialist

We are looking for an R&D Specialist who will carry out localization and new product development activities in line with the desired performance targets for the product group he/she is responsible for.

R&D Specialist


Role Description


  • Bachelor's degree from a reputable university in Chemistry or Chemistry Engineering with at least 4 years of experience in construction chemical industry
  • Previous RM, laboratory and test based experience
  • Good interpersonal skills with proactive approach
  • Preferably good command of English
  • Computer literate – familiarity with Microsoft Office is an asset


  • To develop localization or existing product development ideas by following technological developments and market
  • To be able to support the design and localization requests of the products that he/she is responsible for
  • To carry out product development and localization activities in accordance with the design criteria
  • To play an active role in the process of performing and reviewing the localization for which he/she is responsible for
  • To prepare the results documents (prescription, input / product quality plan, instructions etc.) of the designs in which he/she is responsible for 
  • To work in other laboratories when necessary
  • To perform necessary tests and prepare reports in alternative raw material approval processes
  • To perform and report the benchmark tests by the competitors’ products when necessary
  • To develop new test methods for the products and raw materials that he/she is responsible for
  • To monitor the maintenance and calibration of the devices that he/she is responsible for
  • To ensure the continuity and improvement of usage and measurement performance and to develop test / analysis methods for different materials when necessary
  • To ensure tidy and cleanliness of the laboratory in which he/she is responsible
  • To work with the quality control supervisor, to support the follow-up and follow-up of the TSE and CE certificates in the preparation of TSE and CE applications of the products, in establishing the quality factors
  • To support the relevant marketing staff in the preparation of the mock-up tests and hand samples of the products in the product group that it is responsible for
  • To regularly conduct content, performance and application tests of the products or to have it done in external establishments and to prepare the analysis result report
  • To answer and respond to information requests from internal and external customers
  • To take necessary corrective and preventive actions to increase product quality, process efficiency, quality system efficiency and to eliminate risks related to work safety
  • To make a technical examination of the complaint according to the complaint data obtained after the customer complaint notification in the product complaints
  • To perform the on-site inspection action if necessary before the applications or after customer complaints
  • To take necessary measures in case of possible non-conformities or to alert people, find solutions and bring new proposals 
  • To prevent incomplete product from moving to the next stage until the defect or unsatisfactory condition is corrected 
  • To test shelf-life of expired Raw Material/Finished Products if required
  • To be aware of customer complaints procedure and customer oriented approach, to comply with specified procedures 
  • To report customer complaints and communicate with the management representative if require
  • To use the personal protective materials 
  • To warn those who do not comply with work safety rules and instructions
  • To play an active role in the correct separation of waste 
  • To bring suggestions for improving environmental impact

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