Victor Delmar

Customer Service Executive, Al Gurg Fosroc LLC

What does your role involve?

My role involves handling orders from our export distributors, answering queries, and providing convenient solutions that can be handled within my scope. I provide stock status update to the export distributors; expedite lead time from supply chain and production. I initiate a plan to make sure that the material will be delivered to the export distributor’s only timely manner. Planning involves a thorough coordination with the export distributors, transporters, production planner, supply chain and distribution.

The other role which I handle in the company is being a Key User in Microsoft Dynamics. I provide a full support on the ground for technical issues related to Microsoft DAX. I train new employees and conducts refresher training for existing employees

Your story -career summary to date

I join Al Gurg Fosroc in August 2008 and after 2 years; I was selected to be a Key User in Microsoft Dynamics.


Why Fosroc? And what do you enjoy most about Fosroc?

  • Fosroc does not just provide you with opportunities; it develops, extracts and moulds the best of what you have to offer.
  • Fosroc provides you a freedom to stand up and decide on your own.


What does Fosroc offer future employees? (In addition to the points mentioned above)

  • Fosroc provides individuals training in their scope of work and also opportunities to recognize their own strengths & weaknesses.
  • When there are vacant designations, Fosroc looks at internal prospects before external.

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