Our wide range of cement and resin-based products to fill voids and resin-anchoring systems help strengthen and protect.

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Fosroc’s cement and epoxy resin grouts consistently outperform industry standards. Whatever structure you’re putting in place, we have the product to give it the ultimate connection and foundation for long term durability. 

Our Conbextra grout range has been leading the market for decades when it comes to dependable precision grouting, due to its exceptional flow, stability and strength. It’s strong enough for heavy duty projects such as the grouting of wind turbine bases, and can provide superior quality grouting for high precision applications, such as the total encapsulation of post tensioned cables.

Fosroc Lokfix resin anchors are industry-leading adhesive systems for the structural fixing of reinforcement and threaded rod. They can tolerate dry, damp and wet conditions and are suitable for fixing into hollow masonry and cracked concrete. Accredited to the highest standards, they can be used in seismic areas and are able to accommodate some of the highest loads in the market.

Our robust, site-ready formulations deliver cost-effective, consistent, and technically superior solutions, whatever the scale of your project.

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Supporting documents for Grouts

Cementitious grout as the name states are made up of cement, fillers, plasticisers and non-shrink additives. Conbexta GP series are cementitious free flow high strength grouts which are most recognised grouting materials in the civil engineering industry.

Product range - Conbextra GP1, Conbextra GP2, Conbextra GP3, Conbextra TS, Conbextra HF, Conbextra BB92IN, Conbextra 72IN, Conbextra BB92 O, Conbextra STD, Conbextra HR, Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar

Few of the critical machine foundations which require high chemical resistance, very high tensile and flexural strengths apart from compressive strength such as compressors in the refinery industry or bearing grouts to the transportation industry or machines in the chemical engineering industry need Epoxy grouts.

Product range - Conbextra EP10, Conbextra EP10(M), Conbextra EP 75, Conbextra EP 300, Conbextra EBG (M)

For certain machines and equipment the 3 day strength become utmost importance as the baseplate bolts need to be torquedfor further installations. In such cases the high early strength or high ultimate strength of the grout becomes prime importance in selection of the grout.

Product range - Conbextra HES, Conbextra UHS90, Conbextra AT

In ports, marine and dam structures, it constitutes use of grouts for various repairs or to install the equipment in under water applications require an additional property of anti-wash out in the grouting materials apart from basic properties of high strength, non-shrink, free flow characteristics. Fosroc range of underwater grouts both in cementitious and epoxy formulations meets the requirements for such applications.

Product range - Conbextra HES, Conbextra UHS90, Conbextra AT

The grouting of PT Cable ducts is an age old practice. Traditionally Cement grouts are used for the purpose considering their high alkalinity which provides passive layer around cables to prevent corrosion. To ensure effective grouting and long term corrosion protection to cables, material specifications have been laid down in MORTH and EN 447.  Fosroc Cable grout meets all the required standards as set forth.

Product range -

  • Grout additives - Cebex 100, Cebex 200, Cebex EN
  • Ready to use grouts - Conbextra Cable Grout,  Conbextra Cable Grout HS

Fosroc bedding mortars are used in precast buildings technology for joining two precast wall panels. The bedding mortars are highly thixotropic in nature and are polymer rich and provide crack free and waterproof joints.

Product range - Conbextra Bedding Mortar, Conbextra Bedding Mortar Plus

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