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We deliver top-to-bottom protection with our superior protective coating technology, including world class brands Dekguard and Nitcote.

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Fosroc is a pioneer in providing protective coatings for concrete and steel structures with our highly specialised and high performance coatings against aggressive environmental attacks, such as carbonation, chlorides and sulphate. We have a unique approach when it comes to using superior technologies.

Fosroc can give expert technical advice, specification support, and on-site application support, and we have trained and experienced applicators to apply our protective coating systems. Our solutions comply with various national and international standards, including IRCSP-80, MORTH, and CECRI.

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The external facades of buildings are cladded with various materials like stones, wire cut bricks, tiles, porous stones, etc. Such cladded materials are susceptible to various environmental attacks and frequently spoil the aesthetics of the building. Such facades require a protective coating, which should also retain the original appearance of the claddings. Fosroc’s technology and innovative coatings provide long-lasting solutions.

Product range - Nitocote SN 522, Nitocote SN 525

Large infrastructure projects like bridges, cooling towers, windmills, flyovers, and metro rails are susceptible to carbon and chloride attacks due to urbanization and environmental pollution. To protect these large infrastructure project and enhance their durability, anti-carbonation and chloride ion penetration resistance coatings are required. Fosroc’s range of high performance coatings protect and enhance the durability of these structures.

Product range - Dekguard S, Dekguard Std, Dekguard E2000, Dekguard WB 300, Dekguard S300, Nitocote EM300, Nitocote BCS 300

Civil engineering structures face many challenges when it comes to industrial applications. Industrial structures are prone to various attacks, such as acids, alkalis, dry heat, freezing, cold, etc. To protect such structures and to keep them performing for their designated lifespan, high chemical resistant coatings are applied. Fosroc’s wide range of chemical resistant coatings keeps these structures protected.

Product range - Nitocote EN901, Nitocote EP 140, Nitocote EP405, Nitocote EP410,Nitocote EP175, Nitocote PE135, Nitocote NT405, Nitocote NT402, Nitocote ET550,Nitocote HR260, Nitocote HR120, Nitocote HT120, Nitocote UR512, Dekguard  PU, Nitocoat PUW100, Nitocoat Wallguard, Nitocoat EPW100

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